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December 12, 2010 Global Renaissance Vermont – Results and Benefits

Vermont is a fabulous place to live. So many wonderful people are doing excellent things with the environment, with our local and regional communities, with culture, business, education, health. We have a contagious spirit of can-do forward thinking combined with good old fashioned values. Public discussion and action focuses on making Vermont an even more sustainable culturally rich place.

Something even more wonderful could happen in Vermont and in the world if we as a state and in local communities would embrace more consciously our common human calling to build a flourishing global community. During medieval times in Europe, the Dark Ages were followed by the Renaissance. Now a renaissance is needed for the whole world. It could be called a Global Renaissance.

Vermont, having successfully achieved a beautiful way of life, is ideally positioned to lead in a creating a Global Renaissance. Indeed it already does this in countless ways. One example: the Sustainability Academy in Burlington, the nation’s first K-5 magnet school with a sustainability theme. What if Vermont decided to organize every elementary school to prepare its students for Global Renaissance leadership?

How could the state, local municipalities, educational institutions, organizations and businesses do their best to create a world that works for all? By taking the same steps already taken to create all the excellent results that have been achieved. In simple terms, here are a few of these steps.

1. Embrace Global Renaissance as a personal and organizational goal
2. Imagine key outcomes in areas such as planet, peace, health, employment
3. Target outcomes with concrete plans including objectives and benchmarks
4. Carry out the plans.
5. Recognize and celebrate Global Renaissance success stories

As Vermonters work to bring about Global Renaissance, we will see a flowering of ingenuity and energy. Think of the rich exchanges, for example, that will occur when each Vermont town establishes a vibrant “sister town” relationship with another village in a country like Russia or India. As Global Renaissance pioneers, Vermonters will both lift up and learn from the Global Renaissance achievements of other countries and create dozens of new models of our own.

Our contribution at the Global Renaissance Vermont is to create a network of those people who have successfully championed into being something that makes Global Renaissance concrete locally. We’ll encourage their work and trumpet it more widely.
This is our piece. What is yours?
Jackie McMakin

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