Get Involved

1. Understand the big picture.

Read Our Defining Moment: A Call to Create the Future We Truly Want.

2. Learn more.

Consult the Resources section.

3. Put your name on the line.

Check Organization Links in the Blogroll. Become a member of the organizations that light your fire. More information on these organizations can be found here.

4. Weave Global Renaissance into what you already are doing.

In conversation, work, family, community, share your dream of building a better world and how to go about it.

5. Take action.

Check website sections on planet, poverty, peace and purpose. Check actions that most appeal to you or think of other actions you want to take or already are taking.

6. Spread the word.

Refer friends to this website. Share articles, ideas, resources with others.

7. Introduce Global Renaissance to your group or organization.

Share the pamphlet Our Defining Moment: A Call to Create the Future We Truly Want. Download the PDF, or order your own copy today.

8. Put your mind to it.

Read about the Eight Critical Mind Habits. Choose the one that most speaks to you. Devise ways to practice this and apply it in as many situations as you can. Once it’s second nature, go on to another one.

Organize! Don’t agonize. –Tish Sommers, Founder of the Old Women’s League

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